The brand ANIMAdVERTE comes from the latin word animum adverto which means “turn your mind, observe”. A deep observation of the modern lifestyles meets a different and ethical way of understanding the made in Italy production, in order to realize a sustainable and distinctive collection of leather goods. Each bag is processed with care and attention by skilled craftsmen, as in the best italian tradition.

The vegetable tanning is a 200-years old tuscan tradition and it is based on the use of natural tannins extracted from trees and, mainly, on the slow passing of time... in full respect of man and environment. Vegetable-tanned leather absorbs the traces of our living: the natural ageing gives to the leather warm colour shades and shows the naturalness of the product, making each bag a real unique piece.

The design is simple and deconstructed, going back to the essentials, to enhance the exclusive vegetable tanned leather. Thanks to their unconventional geometrical shape the bags are completely foldable into flat packagings.

The flat envelopes, easy to stow away and ideal for traveling, are part of the bags themselves. They are made with “regenerated” leather: a special recycled material usually “hidden” as inside reinforce of “traditional” bags.

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