After years abroad, we savor the taste of a “interrail” aimlessly in the deep south of the boot, we have our work and our lives and basically okay.

It is rediscovering the angles that we had never seen that we come across a small workshop of sunglasses. The old craftsman speaks these words: “All that is done by a human, the emotion that gives form to an object, the only sure thing is that we can give to future generations” and in us something clicked: his knowledge and our fortitude blend, leave their jobs, pursue a dream.

So re-born de Pasquale, with a promise to continue to shape the emotion craft through a simple business model and a genuine relationship with the customer.

“We always thought that the Made in Italy brand is not just a logo to be affixed on a product, but a concept of quality and design that has its maximum expression in the authentic craftsmanship to be rediscovered and export in the world.”

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