DIS - Design Italian Shoes, is a winning solution for those who want to stand out and express their personality designing and wearing classic customised shoes for men - 100% Made in Italy.

"Be Different - Be Yourself" is not only our motto but also the philosophy you can aspire to as designer of your own style. Creating your own shoes - customising them with the 3D configurator - is the ultimate in expressing your own personality and taste.

DIS opens unexplored scenarios as you create your own style.
No one knows better than us how to interpret your taste and complete your wardrobe with our choice of classic footwear for men who are really in tune with what they wear.
The colour, the design and the quality always make a difference.

DIS allows you to create men's shoes 100% Made in Italy, constructed by master craftsmen with decades of experience using carefully selected materials, creating a perfect blend of design, style and Italian spirit.

DIS began through a collaboration of three professionals. Andrea Carpineti, Michele Luconi and Francesco Carpineti turned an intuition into an idea and a project into a reality, using their expertise in different areas.

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