HatHat is a hats brand and producer based in Warsaw since 2011. We are focused on best quality handmade hats which are timeless but also trendy.
We create classic headwear made of carefully selected fabrics.
We believe in simple and timeless design, as it has the ability to maintain your focus for a long time but we also follow the trends and put a bit of it into projects.

The first HatHat collection was launched in winter 2011. Every year we have spring, summer and autumn-winter collections,
All items are crafted out of quality materials from polish suppliers and produced in Warsaw.

About new collection WARSAW…
Why Warsaw? Because our capitol is changing! It is open to new and loves tradition. It is beautiful and elegant, but still gray … It is curious: cultural, original, trendy! It is a place for otherness, independence. WE LOVE U WARSAW.

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