Juhree Erba is a Seoul-based leather goods brand founded by Korean designer Juhree Jung in 2015. We orient wellness-luxury based on nature’s creative spirit and the Korean heritage. It is a lifelong project of studying the design that blends the dichotomies of tradition and modernity, humanity and nature, eastern and western culture, and crafts and technology.
Founder and designer Juhree Jung studied(lived) in Milano, Firenze and Bologna where she became fascinated with the beauty of leather that transcends in time. In Italy she worked at fashion brand Furla as a designer then she returned to Korea and started her own design
label with leather handbags.
When Juhree returned to Korea she began researching about her home country Korea’s history; a country which reected as a piece artwork itself. She worked in various elds as a designer ranging from Leather goods to Branding & Communication design as well as Product Design and Graphic Design for an IT company. Exploring her interest in fashion, art and technology, she founded the fashion accessory brand 'Juhree Erba' in 2015. The name Erba is drawn from the Italian word ‘herb’, which stands for the brand’s philosophy in wellness, true beauty, uniqueness, and pioneer spirit. Our design is based on love for nature and for mankind. Inspired by everything from nature’s sweet ambrosial, Juhree Erba Collection is an homage and special tribute to the simple yet graceful ways in Korea’s ancient values.
Our main feature as a vegetable-tanned leather bag is that all products are handcrafted made with eco-friendly process (all products have pelle conciata al vegetale in Toscana, Italy certied tags). Our bags’ elegant lines and forms grasp instant attention of the public while the details, such as the botanic print pattern linings, present personal amusement.

Designed in Seoul. Made in Italy.

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