Maclù is a fashion brand but it is primarily a thinking universe, all-female, starting with the name, which stands for the initial three women.
The center of this universe is Claudia: just over 30 years, two children, a graphic designer training. Curious soul catapulted from an iron will and stars in an adventure by businesswoman.
Maclù comes from an intuition: Claudia in 2005 has a shop in Milan and a thousand ideas: among the brands on sale offers a line of its own, designed for easy, modular wardrobe, suitable for any style but with a strong personality .. the idea is good: the collection is selling like hotcakes, production grows and Claudia opens its first store Maclù. then the line was noticed by a buyer and trendsetter important and takes off. boutique niche operation ferries marketing strategic Maclù to small and organized business reality: it inaugurates the showroom of Milan, in via Friuli, which becomes headquarters for creativity and business operations. the brand is growing and expanding: it is tried, wanted, loved. next to shops owned overlook dedicated corners in store trendy concept.

The collection evolves and splits: beside the main line comes Maclù lazy and besides Claudia female proposals also invents a series of fashion for men and children. and the story goes on, without stopping, and turns. because Maclù is passion that has made job but keeps playing soul. It is a container, a box, a mystery box from which emerge constantly points and ideas. the points are the cornerstones of an eclectic style, modern, up to date. the key is a positive denial: no season, no limits, no-no constriction construction: no slavery to an approved dress. because Claudia and so: a free mind. and Maclù is this: simple and glamorous clothes for those trendy, outside and inside.

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