From an apparently disordered wardrobe to a trip to Provence; from ancient looms of Venice, to modern Tuscan – Emilian tanneries; from a cubist painting to a magazine; from a chaotic Milan exhibition to a cool antiques market: 4 ideas were born.
A straw basket for the summer or, sometimes, winter;
An elegant and precious clutch for the night;
An all day, all year leather bag;
An unexpected pillow dressing the homes.
A laboratory where small collections are styled and made, most of the times unique, handmade in Italy. Also custom-made.
Unusual mix and matches: precious fabrics clothe leather bags; trousers becoming shopper bags; a pillow from a wool sweater; the straw wears jeans and strings of pearls.
For all the accessories there is only one thread: the pursue of "beauty".
missPaloma stands for personality, passion and humor for non-conventional creations.

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