“The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter. It isn't just one of your holiday games.”
T.S. Eliot - The Naming Of Cats – 1939

We draw inspiration from Eliot's poem. Rakkì is a name. It will always remain a mystery to the human mind, but the cat knows it and will protect its secrets.
The idea was born in Bologna on the will of a young people group to use the know-how gained from their professional experience, combined with the local artisans skills, to recreate the past’s icons now lost concept of style and elegance. We pay attention to the quality of materials and care of details typical of the made in Italy.
“I wish I had the cat' s style and elegance”:
Rakkì is a new entrepreneurial world of fashion industry and Italian craftsmanship.
In our dressmaker’s workroom we take care of creating collections drawing our inspiration and creative strength from the growing of retro as an index of quality, luxury and design, following designers and craftsmen at all stages of carrying out.
This is our philosophy: “Done to perfection”
In the historical tailors within the territory, we follow all our creations in every stage of implementation. We pack every capsule working out the pattern through the study of the sketch, the creation of the prototype, fitting, until the creation of the sample.
Clothing is a science, an art, a feeling at the same time.
The admiration and amazement that still catches us by choosing the vintage is what we would like to pass. From the hand written card to the classic packaging closed with hemp twine, to the cedar cube, that thanks to the sweet aroma of his wood was used against moths. After all is like to be fascinated by the picture, to fell the bold possessor of something unique and unrepeatable.

Rakkì is a company that today has become a multipurpose lab dedicated to a new way of working in the fashion industry, with the aim of breaking the mechanical and standardization of production, replacing it with the passion and care of each item.
You say are the sight and touch to give us the coordinates of the world we live in. For our creations we have chosen the noblest and finest cashmere of the Italian prestigious spinning mills located in the historic district of Biella, it has always been known for its fine wools. They acquire only the cashmere reaching standards of excellence through the endless Tibetan land. Thanks to a depth knowledge of the textile tradition they transform this precious fiber in the finest yarn.
We choose to deal with small production maintaining an accurate control over the development and collection’s production to maintain the manufacturing quality at the highest levels of excellence, aimed at those consumers increasingly attentive to the quality and refinement.

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