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grigio, blu


FABRIC - This model is in high quality brown suede. The "aged" look and nonconformity to standards are the results of innovative and handcrafting processes. Any mark that may appear on the leather, or the irregularity of stitching, are all the effects of the dyeing process showing the uniqueness of the shoe always being different from one piece to another.

STYLE - Our iconic model, 100% hand made in Italy, launched in the fall winter 2010. Its inspiration was a crepe-soled boot made from rough suede in Cairo’s fabled Old Bazaar and the footwear of choice for off-duty Eighth Army officers. The simple lines and conspicuous comfort were an instant hit and the first ever casual shoe was born.

Ideal is the classic standard method of manufacture for high quality footwear. Although this is a working standard, our boots is recognized for the care of the stitching and the careful selection of the best leathers. The lengthy process ensures comfort and produces perfection in the detailing of the finished product.

PLATFORM - We introduce in desert boot the sneaker platform inside for garantuee the comfort, posture and to raise the height.

SOLE - We use our innovative patent sole without rubber but with corn (OGM- FREE), natural glue mixed with air , mashed and dried its rolled into sheets before being trimmed to size, with any off cuts recycled. It’s entirely organic and sustainable. So it’s good for the planet as well as your feet and it also looks pretty cool and super light.

INLINE - Each season have a different print can also choose the inline.

SHOELACES - All our shoes have got two pairs of shoelaces one in the color of the shoe and one in the color of the trim.

PACKAGING - Our products are sold in plastic bag that turns into a useful way to bring your shoes with you wherever you need to go, it’s also very green avoiding the waste of tons of paper needed for traditional boxes.

Materiali: pelle, gomma

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