Oboyi: zaini

Wardroba.com: zaini unisex by Oboyi

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bianco, arancione


"Each of our Moon bag/backpack is a ""imperfectly unique"" piece, made out of hand-picked Italian leather. This particular item is made of goatskin and calfskin, whereas the lining contains 100% cotton.
It also has:

-one large main compartment
-frontal zipper closure
-an inside pocket with zipper closure
-back pocket with a zipper closure
-adjustable shoulder straps
-additional strap for shoulder bag verison

We can proudly garantee you that is all crafted with meticulous care in our studio in the heart of Milan.

Size: 30cm x 33cm x 26cm"

All creations by Oboyi are 100% Made in Italy.


"Materiale: pelle di capra e vitello
Fodera 100% cotone;
Dimensione: 30cm x 33cm x 26cm

-borsa a spalla/ borsa a mano/ zaino con
un ampio scomparto principale
-chiusura lampo frontale
-tasca interna con chiusura lampo
-tasca posteriore con chiusura lampo
-tracolle regolabili e rimovibili
-ulteriore strisca per la versione borsa
a spalla
-100% made in Italy"

Materiali: pelle

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