Allegra London: pashmina pashmina da donna by Allegra London


verde, beige, marrone

We especially wanted to work with Soraya as she like us hails from a long line of creative women. Her mother is a knitwear designer, her grandmother is an established writer, so her creative touch runs in the family. With a passion for travel, Soraya wanted to create something unique with a bohemian vibe. An artistic tribal design was soon on the drawing boards!

Wielding their imaginations and artistic eyes, Soraya and Allegra London have blended the two into a truly original and covetable shawl.
Allegra London and Soraya worked with Indian colour artisans and drew inspirations from natures earthy tones and tribal patterns to create the cosiest travel shaw.
Spun from modal and cashmere and printed using chemical free organic vegetable dyes, this shawl is a warm stylish wrap for your travels or keeping you stylish about town.

Materiali: cashmere

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