VANOOK: zaini zaini unisex by VANOOK




The VANOOK Dual Backpack is the better version of the good old gym sack. The pull of the straps and the fold over top create the closure system which kind of works on its own. Whereas you can also use the cords as tote handles instead. This makes the item the perfect city backpack with a special twist to it. The inner lining comes with two separate pockets to keep you organized. Our beautiful VANOOK branding is located at the front leather piece each one carefully placed there manually, as well as the whole backpack is handcrafted in our studio in Munich. As all our products it can be ordered in all six VANOOK-Colour combinations.

Cord Straps / Handles
Two Inner Pockets
Two Outer Pockets
Fold Over Top
W 35cm D 10cm
H Closed 34cm H Open 41cm
Outer Oyster / Leather Stone

Materiali: cotone, pelle

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